How to grow cannabis

October 5, 2007

Growing cannabis indoors – What you will need

If you’ve chosen to grow indoors there are a few things you will need. These things are vital to the success of your crop and although they cost a little money in the first instance, they will pay for themselves in the long-term. If you add up the money you’ve paid out in the last year for that awful stuff you’ve been smoking then you’ll realize what a great investment this stuff is. The money you paid out for the dog shit alone would probably cover it!

To start your grow you’ll need:

A suitable growing space (this can be a closet or cupboard, a ready made grow-tent or even a metal box)
Suitable lighting. Metal Halide or CFL lights for vegetative growth stage and High Pressure Sodium or red GroLux for flowering stage.
Ventilation. This is vital for the health of both your plants and your criminal record! Carbon filters are used to remove the odor of the cannabis, especially in the flowering stage. Remember, the odor must stay within the grow room!
Light reflecting lining for the walls (again, there are many choices, some more expensive than others)
Compost or other suitable growth medium
10lt pots (if using compost)
Timer unit for lights
Specialist feeds for vegetation and flowering stages
And finally, and most importantly, good quality Cannabis seeds.

If you’re using a wardrobe or other combustible space for your grow, it is a great idea to make sure you have a functioning smoke detector and a POWDER fire extinguisher! (Note the emphasis on POWDER here! You want high intensity light, but you really don’t need any lightning in the grow room. Watch out for the electrics and water!) You really don’t want your local fire deparment visiting your home at this time. They have this nasty habit of telling the local law enforcement about your activities.

You may also want to invest in a folding chair so that you can sit comfortably in the grow room and chat with your young, green family. On the other hand you may want to spend the waiting time getting lost in a haze with some of that nice potent legal bud I told you about before. Personally I like to sit chatting with the plants while I smoke the legal bud. (The plants are more intelligent listeners than the rest of the humans in this house and they, quite rightly, agree with everything I say)

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